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    Zillow Testimonial2011-07-09

Tamra is amazing, professional, stupendous, wonderful, courteous, fantastic. She gave me exactly what I asked for
and more in as little time as I've ever seen. No other agents came near her professional responsiveness and productivity.
She is a very hard worker and I highly recommend her. She is gold. I can't say enough about her.

    Gus Suarez0014-01-24

Hi Tamra, we were looking over some sales statistics for 2013 and according to our records; you ranked #66 with 92
units sold and #317 in volume with $11021314. This puts you in the top 1% of agents in MLS! Nice job! We just thought you’d like to know…


    Hey Tamra, we’ve been looking at some sales data and according to our records you ranked #110 in units
sold with 64 transactions and #298 in dollar volume for 2015. This puts you in the top 1%! We just thought you would like to know. Nice job!

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